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5 Best Tips on Using a Straight Razor

Learn the five best tips for getting a close shave with a straight razor in this Howcast video.


And now I'm going to give you some tips on how to shave with a straight razor, how to hold a straight razor and what to look for in a straight razor when buying one. This is an injectable blade razor that we use in the shop. If you're looking for more of a traditional concave or wedge razor that's a solid steel, definitely you can buy one. I definitely recommend those.

The proper way to hold a razor, this is what we call the tang and this is the front of the blade. Your pinky should be on the tang. This pressure, this index finger is how you guide the pressure of the blade. This is going to determine how heavy the blade is against your skin.

One important thing about a straight razor shave and using a straight razor on the skin, make sure that you go straight down. This alleviates any cutting of the skin or anything like that. Hold it at a 30 degree angle. This blade is actually designed, so that you can lay it flat without cutting. It's designed at a 30 degree, all right?

When I went to barber school, we actually studied many videos on shaving. We did simulated shaves. On the first person I actually shaved on was myself. I wanted to feel what the razor felt like against my skin and the pressure that I was applying. I wound up whacking myself a little bit. Put a couple of Band-Aids on, but you know, it's all good. I had to learn.

Another way that I've had students and colleagues I've learned on how to shave with a straight razor, they actually shave on a balloon. And what this does it allows them to have the right angle and the right stroke to not pop the balloon. And again, it's very, very important when you're shaving with a straight razor that you shave straight down. Once you start angling the razor or slicing into it is when you're going to cut the skin.

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