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What Is a Double Edge Razor?

Learn what a double edge razor is in this Howcast video about shaving.


We're going to talk about different types of razor that you can buy or use at home. The first one we're going to talk about is the double edge razor. A double edge razor is going to give you a very close shave without a lot of irritation. Be very careful when buying one, make sure all the mechanisms work. Usually you put double edge into a thing and you screw the bottom, and it tightens it up and then releases it. Benefits of a double edge, just like I said, it's not going to get as close of a shave, but it's going to be a comfortable shave.

What it's going to do is not create a lot of irritation. Sometimes when we shave with multi-blade razors it's going from the three blade to the five blade. A lot of times the five blade we've found they cause a lot of irritation, because it's too close of a shave. And the thing is is that what's very, very important you want a close shave, but you don't want it to irritate your skin. The thing is, is that when you start pulling the hair and cutting underneath the hair, it goes back into the skin , which is going to cause ingrown hairs. One thing the benefit of a double edged single razor is that it's not going to do that. You're going to get a nice close shave.

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