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How to Shave Sensitive Skin on the Face

Learn how to shave sensitive skin on the face with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


One of the problems that some men have is sensitive skin. So how do we shave sensitive skin? It goes back to the regiments of shaving, the standards of shaving. Shave after the shower. Use a preshave oil, a nice shave cream. Shave with the grain and I would suggest to shave more often. Not as close, light pressure on the razor.

You don't want to have a heavy hand on the razor, because you don't want to shave too close. You want to be able to shave just the areas of the skin where the hair is and knock it off. You want to be able to shave your face without creating a lot of irritation. So the thing is less pressure on the blade, a soft hand on the blade, easier shave, shave more often. That's the benefits of shaving sensitive skin and that's the way I would recommend.

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