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How to Shave Sensitive Skin on the Neck

Learn how to shave sensitive skin on the neck with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How do you shave sensitive skin under the neck? This is one of the problems that we see in a lot of men, where they wind up getting ingrown hairs or irritation. It's very, very important, the prep of the shave. Preshave oil, nice shave cream, make sure the skin's very moisturized before you put the preshave on. Definitely always shave with the grain. Under this area right here of the skin, the grain usually grows upward, so you're going to shave with the grain.

Short even strokes, not a lot of pressure on the blade, the more pressure you have on the blade, the more irritation you're going to wind up getting. Anytime you feel the blade pulling the hair this means that you should immediately stop and shave in the other direction. What this is doing is you're shaving against the grain. This is an area that you have to be very, very cautious of because this is one of the problem areas that men have.

One thing about shaving sensitive skin under the neck you want to make sure you lift your head and put your head forward, so the skin is tight. You don't want any loose skin there, so if you have to use your fingers to tighten the skin to shave, I always recommend that. That way you get a much, much cleaner shave. After you're done shaving, definitely wash the face with a cold towel and use a nice astringent or aftershave cream to soothe the skin and also stop bacteria. That's how you shave under the neck.

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