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How to Pick an Aftershave

Learn how to pick an aftershave with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How do we pick a proper aftershave? We have to look at our skin type. People that have very, very oily skin probably want to stay away from aftershave creams that have a lot of shea butter in there because that is going to even over-moisturized.

There's a couple different types of aftershave. One is the older style aftershave that probably our father used and we probably use. I you remember 'Home Alone', when he throws aftershave on, he's screaming, it has an astringent and an alcohol in it. It's very brisk, it'll wake you up. Some people enjoy that feeling. That's one type of aftershave. What aftershave is going to do is actually, it stops the bacteria, cleans skins, sanitizes, and closes pores. There's other aftershaves now: Aftershave creams, aftershave soothers that have shea butter, more moisturizers, stays away from alcohol.

One thing a lot of products now, you're seeing a lot of days with the aftershave and stuff is less alcohol, more natural product in it. That's how to choose an aftershave, and the different types.

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