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How to Pick an Aftershave for Oily Skin

Learn how to pick an aftershave for oily skin with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How do we pick an aftershave for oily skin? Well, the problem's with oily skin and people who have a misconception is, is that they think their skin is oily. Make sure that you do have oily skin when you pick an aftershave for oily skin. One thing that's important about oil on the skin is it's the first barrier for bacteria and something that our body produces to keep the bacteria out of our system.

It also moisturizes our skin, helps us look younger. The people that do have overly excessive oily skin, I always recommend to watch your diet, watch the foods that you eat and what you're consuming in your body, and if this is a problem with you and you need to pick up an aftershave for oily skin, definitely look for an aftershave that's not a cream with shea butter.

Because this is going to over-moisturize and it's going to put even more oil on top of the oil that you are already producing. Definitely look for something that's soothing. That's more water based. You can look at some of the old astringents that have alcohol, that will actually dry up some of the oil that you have on your skin, and give you more of a brisker feel when you're applying it. But definitely stay away from the heavy moisturizers and shea butters. That's how you pick out an aftershave for an oily skin.

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