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How to Shave Your Beard in Stages

Learn how to shave your beard in stages with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


We're going to explain in this video about how to shave a beard in steps. One of the issues is when people let their beard grow it's very, very thick, do not go straight to a razor and shave it off. You have to do it in steps. If you do that, you're going to tear your skin up. You're going to have all kinds of problems, nicks, ingrown hairs. It's going to be a very, very uncomfortable shave for you, okay?

The thing is how do we take down a beard and then shave? The proper way to do it is you're either going to go into a shop and have them take it down or you can go at home and buy you a clipper. The best way is to take it as low as you can. What we call it in the shop is all the way to triple zero. The lower you get it the better shave you're going to be able to accomplish. But that's the first step in shaving a beard in steps.

The next step is proper preparation. I always recommend shaving after the shower. Pre-shave oil, which is going to offer a protectant and a glide with the blade, which is going to cause less irritation. A nice shave cream. You shave with the grain. Then you're going to wash off. Then the next step would be to shave.

Pre-shave oil, shave cream, shave against the grain. This will cause less irritation and give you a better shave. A more comfortable and closer shave. And at the end, don't forget about the post-shave. A nice aftershave, afterwards. Cold towel, aftershave, and that's the proper way to shave a beard in stages.

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