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How to Shave Your Sideburns

Learn how to shave your sideburns with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


In this video we're going to explain how to shave a sideburn. Sideburns are very important. Years ago everybody wore their sideburns probably the same. All over the place now. People wear them long, short, thick. I've seen the mutton chops come in here. It's just actually a reflection of the character I believe, about how you like to wear it.

Conrad here he has a long face, so I would like to keep the sideburns a little bit longer. And the hairstyle that he has, I think it looks really cool. It kind of brings you back to that James Dean look. You know, back in the 50's and 60's. Really cool. All right? So we're actually going to keep these sideburns a little bit long. Same thing as prep.

What I always like to do with sideburns is I'm going to take my clipper and I'm going to line out where I want the sideburn to start. I'll shape it a little bit with the clipper. Put a little pre-shave oil on this, a little shaving cream. What I'm going to do is wipe away the shaving cream. I take the temple and I pull up so I make the skin tight. Take my razor blade to where I start the line and go straight down. On the left side and that's how we shave a sideburn.

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