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How to Do a Waterfall Braid

Learn how to do a waterfall braid with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


Hey, so today I'm going to show you how to do a waterfall braid. Normally, I like to do waterfall braids in half up-half down style. So we're going to start on Kelly's hair right here in the front. We're going to take a small triangle section right here near her part. Split it into three separate sections and twist the outsides sections in towards the middle. We're going to start off by doing a basic braid, just to get the look going.

Now I'm going to pick up the hair from the top and add it into the braid. And this bottom braid, this bottom section of the braid I'm only going to take half of it and drop down the other half and continue. I'm going to pick up another piece from the top and add it into the braid and then drop half of the bottom section again, and just continue picking up only from the top.

Because I find that if you are picking up from underneath you end up getting spaces and strange areas just popping out and looping under, and we want it to look nice and clean and flat. So continue dropping half of the bottom piece down, while still holding onto the other half and braiding it in. Now you'll continue to do this all the way around and following the curve of your head.

Continuing to drop out half of that bottom piece. You're getting that nice waterfall illusion. Now you'll take this side of the braid to about the mid-point of your head, continuing to pick up on the top and dropping out half of the bottom. Then I like to finish off with the standard three-strand braid about halfway down. So I like to tie-off with a nice, small clear elastic.

Just halfway down the hair shaft is where I like to stop the braid. And you can either leave this braid down, hanging straight down for a nice bohemian look or you can tuck it underneath. So I'll show you how to do that. So now again I'm taking a small triangle section right here near Kelly's part. Splitting it into three strands and twisting the outside strands into the center. Picking up the pieces above the braid and dropping out half of the bottom.

This look is great either when you're wearing your hair down and straight or nice and wavy. It's a really great look if you're going from day to night. It's also a nice base for different updos that you want to do. If you want to take this back into a ponytail, you have that nice texture from the waterfall to kind of tie into the ponytail. Now, finish off the braid in a standard three strand braid while tying it off with a clear elastic.

Now to tuck the pieces underneath I normally like to section a diagonal section right, straight towards the ear. To get a nice strong hold I like to take a small section from underneath and just tease, just a tiny amount at the root. You'll then take the braid that you finished off and pin it onto the teased section.

Again, a nice little trick is to crisscross your bobby pins for the best hold, and just drop down. Do the same in this section diagonal towards your ear or away from your ear. Tease a small section right at the root and crisscross your bobby pins. Now the hair you see, just disappears right into the back with no seams, and there you have your waterfall braid.

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