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How to Do a Double Waterfall Braid

Learn how to do a double waterfall braid with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do a double waterfall braid. The double waterfall braid is an add-on to our base here, which is a single waterfall braid. So to achieve the double waterfall braid look, you're going to start your second braid right here above your ear, taking it straight out from your scalp. You're going to split it into three sections and twist the outside sections into the center.

And as you're twisting you're going to start picking up the hair that's been dropped down from the top waterfall. We'll start off with that, picking up from the top as you go. Now we're going to drop down half of the bottom section. Picking up from the top and drop down half of the bottom section. Now follow the natural curve of the head.

Picking up from the top and dropping down only half, keeping the other half in between the fingers and adding that to the braid. Dropping down half, continuing all the way to the midway point on the back of your head. Dropping down the bottom half and picking up the piece that was dropped down from the top braid. Now instead of tying this piece off with an elastic, I'm going to clip it into place just for now and go to the other side.

Taking the hair from the front hairline, splitting it into three sections, twisting the outside pieces into the center and picking up the hair that was dropped down from the waterfall braid above. And continue to drop down half of the bottom piece and adding only hair from the top. I find if you're picking up from the bottom then you lose that nice, flat waterfall look. Continuing the waterfall braid.

Now a fun way to finish off this look is by taking that section that you had before and splitting it into three sections, incorporating both end pieces of your double waterfall braid. Now we're just going to do the standard three strand braid, twisting the outside pieces underneath the middle piece. You'll finish off about, a little more than midway down the hair shaft. Tying off the hair with a clear elastic or black elastic depending on your hair color. I like clear because it's easier to hide.

Now this is a cool trick to do, so that you can hide the band. You're going to take a small section from the little ponytail that you have down here, wrapping it around the band. Dropping it straight down to join the rest of the ponytail, and finishing off tying it with the clear elastic, pulling the ponytail up. Then you can just move the hair up and down, just to make sure that you cover all sides of the band. That way it just disappears into the whole look, and there you have your double waterfall braids.

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