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How to Do a Side Fishtail

Learn how to do a side fishtail with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


Hey, so today I'm going to show you how to do a side fishtail braid. This is a look that we've seen all over the runways and all over the red carpets, as well. So to get started I like to do a nice deep side part, just to add a little more drama to the look. We'll take a nice small subsection here and split it into two sections. We're going to hook the outside pieces of the two small sections and cross them over the middle.

You're going to want to keep your hands nice and tight on your scalp to keep the braid nice and flat. Now we start picking up a little bit of hair, adding it to the braid, and crisscrossing it in the center. And I just keep picking up hair on the outside, crossing it over the center. You always want to make sure that your hair is nice and smooth and detangled, because once you start getting knots in a fishtail braid, you lose the whole effect.

Now we're just going to follow the natural curve of your head, still keeping your hands nice and tight against your scalp, making nice, clean crisscrosses. Now when you reach right behind your opposite ear, you're going to want to start taking sections from the top and adding them in, so that the braid sits nice and tight right behind your ear. Now at this point all the hair is picked up.

So we're just going to start doing the standard fishtail braid, instead of the French fishtail braid that we've been doing up until this point. Taking small sections and just crisscrossing them over the center. Now I'm going to stop this braid a couple of inches from the bottom, because I find that gives it more of a modern look. I normally like to cover the band as well, so you're just going to take a small section from the back, wrap it around the band and finish tying off your elastic.

And just move the hair up and down over the elastic to make sure it's all covered. Now normally you can leave the braid just nice and tight and clean, but I like when the braid's nice and fluffy and really fun and messy. So what you'll do is just kind of play with it. Pull out pieces and rough it up a little bit. Even here on the bottom, I like to just push, hold the bottom and just push up the hair. And there you have the side fishtail braid.

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