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How to Do a Side Dutch Braid

Learn how to do a side Dutch braid with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you today how to do a side Dutch braid. I also like to call them a side pop-out braid. We're going to start with a nice deep part. I find that this adds a little more drama to the look, and you're going to start by taking the hair, a relatively large subsection, splitting it into three smaller sections. What we're going to do is twist the outside section into the center on both sides.

Now we're going to start picking up hair and twisting it into the braid. Just picking up and twisting. By twisting the outside strands in, you're going to get that nice full look that characterizes the side Dutch braid or pop-out braid. I'm just picking up hair as we go along, following your natural hairline. I'm going to want to keep it nice and tight to the scalp, so I normally like to rest my hands on the scalp. Then twisting out as we go down.

I like to finish the braid off a couple inches before the bottom. Just tying that off and I love to cover the elastic, because I find that creates a nice clean look. So take a small section and wrap it around the band and just finish tying off the elastic. Now you're just going to pull that hair in both directions up and down, just to make sure that we cover the elastic completely, and that is a side Dutch braid.

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