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How to Do a Knotted Messy Braid

Learn how to do a knotted messy braid with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do knotted, messy braid or a loose braid. This is a look that's really popular with celebrities right now. So with this look you can have really messy, grungy hair and have a lot of fun with it. So what I like to do is just kind of mess up your natural hair and I'm kind of gathering it over to one side.

Then what we're going to do is we're just going to twist each of the three sections that are going to make up our braid, and just twisting and taking the outside pieces into the center. Now at this point what I like to do is twist the two outside sections, and then just connect them back into the three strand braid. Repeating the same on the other side. Just twisting it and connecting it back in and repeat on the opposite side, connecting it back in, and then just finishing off the braid.

Now with this look, because it's a little bit messier, I'm going to stop the braid a little bit further up than I normally like to do, which would be around here, and I'm going to tie that off. I'm going to cover the band with a little bit of Kelly's hair, taking a small section from the back and messily wrapping it around the elastic. Again, with this look, you don't want it to be too perfect.

Then you can have a lot of fun with this just by pulling all the different sections, up, sideways. You can pull some pieces down. Really just mess up the look. Remember, with this braid, the messier the look, the better it is. Now we're going to take the bottom here, holding the ends, and just pushing up the hair strand, just to make that nice knot and create a lot of fullness there on the ends. And there you have the knotted, messy braid.

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