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How to Do a Reverse French Braid

Learn how to do a reverse French braid with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you today how to do a reverse French braid. The difference with this is instead of being inside, it pops out. So we're going to get started by taking a small triangle section right at the hairline. So I'm going to take the outside pieces and twist them toward the inside. Picking up pieces as we go along and adding them to the outside sections. Taking nice even subsections to add into our braid.

Now this is a nice modern take on the traditional French braid. With this you get a lot more volume and a lot more look. Now normally, I find that people lift their hands off the scalp and that tends to distort the braid. I like to keep my hands nice and flat to scalp to make sure we have a nice and flat braid. We're just going to continue adding subsections to the braid, while twisting the inside section out.

We'll just continue down. Twisting the middle section out, middle section out. We'll just continue that all the way down a few inches above the end. I'm going to tie it off with a clear band or a black band depending on your hair color. I normally like to cover my bands, so I take a small section from the back and just twist it around the band. Just tying it off, and just move the hair up and down over the band to make sure that it completely covers. And there you have the reverse French braid.

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