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How to Do French Braid Pigtails & Heidi Braids

Learn how to do French braid pigtails as well as how to do Heidi braids with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


Hey, guys! So today I'm going to show you how to do a French-braided pigtail. I normally like to start by making a really nice, clean line down the back. Then I start by taking a small sub-section, right here, and starting off the standard Dutch braid or reverse braid. Twisting the middle section towards the outside as I go, and gathering hair and adding it to the outside pieces.

So I'm moving the middle piece to the outside and adding hair from the outside to this outside piece, and just continue to pick up hair, keeping nice and tight behind the ear. Now with this look you can start higher, but I prefer starting lower because I find that if you go too high, then it looks very young. This way you're able to turn it into a nighttime look if you want, or even a look to wear to work.

I'm just following that all the way down and we'll do the same on the opposite side. We'll need a small, triangular subsection. Splitting it into three and twisting the middle piece towards the outside. Collecting hair and adding it to the braid as we go. Again, keeping it nice and tight to the back of your ear. I'm just finishing off. Twisting the middle piece out. Since now I've French-braided the pigtails, I'm going to show you how to transfer that style into Heidi braids.

So what you're just going to do, it's really easy. You're just going to flip the pigtail and cross it over to the top of the opposite side, and just attach it. A couple of bobby pins and then the reverse. What I normally like to do is kind of cheat this underneath, so that you can hide the band and the little tail, and just pin that all together. And there you have Heidi braids.

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