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How to Do Goddess Braids

Learn how to do goddess braids with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


So today, I'm going to show you how to do a goddess braid. This is a really nice, soft, romantic, beautiful look that is very nice for going out for an evening. So we're going to start by taking a nice, deep side part, because I find that adds a little more drama to the look.

I'm just going to take a small section here, split it into three sections and twist the middle section towards the outside. I'm just adding hair to the outer pieces as we go along. We're just going to follow the hairline, keeping it nice and clean as we go. To keep it clean, I just like to separate each tail, so they're not knotting up around each other.

Now we're just going to take this braid, right to the middle of our head, so we're just going to stop this braid right about there. I'm twisting the middle piece outwards and just finish off the braid. Sometimes if I find a section is too thin, I like to take a little piece from another section and just add it in. It's a nice way to just seamlessly keep the thickness of the braid, and just braid that as far down as you can go. Now we're just going to tie it off and just leave that down for now.

Now we're going to come to the opposite side and with this side. Instead of starting the braid up by the part like the other, we're going to start this braid right at the hairline. We're going to take sections back from the hairline, split it into three sections. Moving the middle piece to the outside each time and picking up hair and adding it in. Again, following the hairline.

Typically, goddess braids are fuller-looking, softer-looking, but I like to make them nice and tight to begin with, and then you can always pull the style out once it's all finished. That way you have a nice, solid base to work with, and just braid that. Now, I'm going to take the two braids and crisscross them. You want to find whichever way doesn't create that bubble, so we're going to go this way.

We're going to pin right there. Take this piece and just overlap it. We're just going to pin it as we go. You normally like to place your bobby pins wherever your anchors are. So I typically like to put bobby pins on the sides, your tops, and right underneath. Same on this side. I'll just putting an anchor pin here and I'll just cross it over. This is where you can start to play and shape your goddess braid and there we go. There's your goddess braid.

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