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How to Do a Retro Side Ponytail

Learn how to do a retro side ponytail with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


Today I'm going to show you how to do a retro side pony. What's going to give you that retro look is we're going to put a lot of volume here in the back, and create a nice gathering here behind the ear. So to start off, you want to section out this top section. Then just clip it out of our way. This section should be almost in a horseshoe shape.

Now you're going to take this section here in the back and just tease it up. You're going to lift that section up and just get a nice tight tease. Same thing on the next section, lift it straight up. The trick to teasing is you're going to want to take it from the midpoint on the strands and just push down creating a little knot right here.

You're going to place your comb back into that knot and push down again. That's going to make a nice tight tease here at the root. I'm just going to tease this whole section. I'm going to tease the vertical side section, just right at the root. It doesn't need to be as big as here in the back. And the same on this side, just a light tease here and release that. Now you're going to take a brush.
I typically like to use Mason Pearson's, but if you have a brush at home that has natural boar bristles mixed in with the plastic bristles.

That's really good for brushing out teasing, as well. I'm just going to lightly brush that top layer of the tease all the way around. Now I'm going to take this top section. This front section here, you can do a nice light tease, almost like the sides. You brush that out as well, lightly gathering it here at the nape, and just pull all of this right behind the ear, smoothing as you go.

Now we'll take a band and just tie off. Now I'm going to take this front section and wrap that right around the ponytail. You can see right there we have that perfect fullness. We're going to take a hairpin, hook it under a little bit of the hair and you twist it right in. That's going to help keep this knot nice and secure. Make sure it's nice and clean on the sides. Here you have your retro side ponytail.

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