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How to Do the Perfect Ballerina Bun

Learn how to do the perfect ballerina bun with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do the perfect ballerina bun. This is a really nice look, just to throw up your hair just as a daytime look, or even as a nighttime look. It's really nice and clean and polished. So we're going to start by putting our hair into a high ponytail around in this area. You're going to tilt your head back, and gather all your hair, and by tilting your head back you're avoiding all those lumps and bumps, and sagging that you'll have here in the back.

Nobody likes a saggy bottom. We'll take this nice and high and tight. The key to making a nice tight ponytail is keeping your hand on the scalp. Take an elastic and tie it off. I like to put the ponytail nice and high, because I find that makes the bun look a lot more modern, but you can put it here in the back, or even low depending on your preference.

Then we're going to start by taking the ponytail and just lightly twisting it all the way down. This is going to allow for the hair to naturally settle, and this is where you can make it fuller or tighter. You can start anchoring your pins, and you're just twisting the ponytail as you go. You can put in extra bobby pins, wherever it feels loose. I typically, like to make sure that there's just bobby pins at each point around the bun. And there we are, the perfect ballerina bun.

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