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How to Do a Braided Top Knot

Learn how to do a braided top knot with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do a topknot with a really cool twist on it. We're going to do a French braid up the back into a topknot. It's a really fun, cool look and a different take on the topknot. What we're going to do is we're going to section out this whole front section of your hair. To make sure that you take the right amount of hair, I like to place my finger right behind the ear.

Just go straight up, section that off and we're going to cut around here, and section that out of the way. One more, again right behind the ear and just section that out. So now all of this is going to go up into our French braid. I'm actually going to have Kelly flip her head forward. I'm going to take a small triangle section, split it into three sections and do a standard French braid.

Just taking the outside sections and moving them towards the inside, adding hair as you go. Continuing to pick up pieces as we go and moving the outside sections towards the inside. You're going to want to put all this hair into this French braid. Then you just finish off. What you're going to do, just tie that off nice and tight. Lift up and just move that piece out of the way, so that's what it's going to look like, when it's all nice and tied off.

So now we're going to go into the topknot section. We're going to take down all of this and just brush it into a nice, high ponytail. Tilting your head back and just gathering all of the hair.
Great, so now you're going to take your ponytail, split it into smaller sections. We're going to tease the whole section not just the base, because this is what's going to help give us the foundation for the topknot. Now you want to make sure that you're doing a nice tight tease. If it's standing up, that's completely correct.

Now we're going to take our brush, I normally like to use a Mason Pearson, but if you have a brush at home that has natural boar bristles, mixed in with the plastic bristles that's really good for combing out a tease. Now you're just going to comb out this top layer really gently. We don't want to comb all the tease out. Just that top layer. Now I like to start doing my topknot, by splitting it here in the front, and smoothing the hair and pinning it as I go.

And by tucking it under, you're creating that nice, smooth, topknot shape. And like I said before, I like it a little bit messier. I think that creates a much trendier, funner look. You're just going to tuck and pin as you go, and if you have a nice tight tease, you can pull pieces out and move them around and get the desired shape.

Now you might think, "Oh, I don't have enough hair for this," or "Kelly's hair is so much longer than mine," but even if you have shoulder length hair you can do this look, because of all the teasing. This is where I've connected the pieces in the front, and by starting in the front, you're able to just swoop everything around. I'm twisting and pinning, and there we have the topknot, with the French braid coming up the back.

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