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How to Braid In Ribbons, Leather & Lace

Learn how to braid in ribbons, leather, and lace with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


So today I'm going to show you how to braid in lace. It's a really nice romantic style that just elevates your evening look. So today, I'm going to show you how to attach the lace and how to weave it into a really nice side braid. We're going to start here in the back. I'm going to take a section, just diagonally from the front, and we're just going to clip that out of the way.

Tease up a tiny section right here in the back, just to add a nice anchor for the bobby pins that are going to help hold the lace in place. Just a tiny little bit, the tease right there at the root. Then take our lace, I use black lace just because Kelly's hair is blonde, and it shows up really nice against blonde. You can use white or off white lace on brunettes, and black lace shows up really nice as well on redheads.

We're just going to attach it. The great thing about lace too, is there's the little holes in it that helps to hold the bobby pins in place. We're just going to hook that. I love crisscrossing my bobby pins, just because it really gives a nice hold, just like that and drop down. I'm going to section out another section a bit further along, just right here.

Do another tease and again attach the bobby pin. Now you're just going to drop that section down as well. I'm just going to do a deeper side part here. I find if you go with a deeper side part there's a little more drama. You'll see the lace pieces coming through, so we're just going to want to make sure, we start our braid up here keeping it a little bit looser, and just start putting our lace through.

Now I'm just going to do a nice standard braid here on the side, twisting each piece out, while keeping the lace nice and flat, so you get to see that pattern. I'm going to finish up right here. I normally like to tie off this look with elastic, just to add a little extra hold. Now I'm going to take the ends of the ribbons wrap them around the elastic, then I add a little whimsy to this look and put a bow. It's just a really fun look and there is how to add lace to a braid.

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