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How to Do a Braided Crown like Sienna Miller

Learn how to do a braided crown like Sienna Miller with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do a braided crown today. It's just like the look that Sienna Miller wore on the red carpet. It's also known as the Milkmaid Braid or the Halo Braid. So I normally like to start this look, here in the back. Just split the hair right down the middle. This is a really fun, casual weekend look.

Now I'm just going to start right here. I'm going to take a small section, almost on a diagonal. Split it into three sections and twist the middle section towards the outside. This middle section is going to go out. So you're going to just start picking up hair and adding it to the piece that's going to twist towards the middle, keeping each section clean as you go.

I normally like to brush all the way down to make sure, I'm not snagging any hair. Then we're just going to follow the natural curve of the head. We'll just flip the new one around and just picking up as you go. We're going to keep the braid nice and tight. With this look, it looks really nice either tight or you can even pull it out and make it nice and loose and messy.

But I normally like to make my braids nice and tight, so that I can go back and make it looser. You have a nice foundation to work with that way. Now I'm just going to come around. You remember that we're twisting the outside section into the middle. Now we're just going to finish off here in the back. I'm going to braid this piece all the way down, keeping the sections clean, as far down as you can go.

You want to try to avoid having a little tail on the end. We're going to end up wrapping this around and adding it to the braid. Tie it off and take that tail and just wrap it around the top, keeping it as close to your first braid as possible. Now we're just going to add some pins to hold that into place.

Now I just hid that tail end right underneath the first braid. You can make this style a little bit looser, just by pulling on the outside of the strands. I want to create a nice, soft look and that is the braided crown, just like Sienna Miller wore on the red carpet.

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