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How to Do Casual Beach Braids like Blake Lively

Learn how to do casual beach braids like Blake Lively with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to do the casual beach waves that Blake Lively loves to wear. If you have naturally wavy texture, this is a fantastic look for you, because you can just wake up, shake out your hair and have it be really piecey. But to achieve the look, you can also use a one-inch curling iron, and just twist it into your hair and just let it cool down, and then shake it out and you'll get a similar look.

So this starts here in the front. Take a nice, thin section. We're going to go a little further over and take a little section. We're just going to do a little headband braid here in the front. We're just going to split that into three sections and twist the outside pieces towards the middle, picking up a little bit of hair as we go.

We don't want this braid in the front to be too big, because then that ruins the whole Bohemian style and feel of this look. I'm going to take little sections right around the hairline, and I'm going to just pick up a little bit, and have it kind of come back slightly. So we're only going to grab pieces from the top and add it in, because I don't normally like to pick up underneath with a half up, half down style, because I find that it creates bubbles and holes and we want to try to avoid that.

We're just going to pick up from the top and add it into the braid and then just one more. Then, we're just going to braid this straight down. We're not picking up any more hair. We're going to stop that about the midway point, and we'll put an elastic tie on it. Then we're going to add a couple other braids, just to give it that real Bohemian style, so I like to go about three braids.

So we did one here in the front and then we're just going to go back about half an inch and pick up that piece, twisting the outside pieces to the middle. I'm just going to pick up a tiny bit of hair from either side. We just want this to lay nice and flat against the head. Just a tiny bit, and then we're just going to braid this one all the way down.

We're not picking up any more hair at this point, I'd say about two-thirds of the way down. We don't want it to match the other braid, because then you lose that whole piecey, beachy look. And we'll just come back around to the opposite side, and do one more braid right back here. Once again, we're just twisting the pieces from the middle to the outside and then pick up a tiny bit. Again because, we want it to lay nice and flat.

Now this is something you want to avoid. So we're just going to always brush our fingers all the way down to make sure each section is nice and clean. We're not picking up any more hair and we're just going to braid it down. We're going to take this pretty close to the end, because again, I don't want them all to match. We're just going to want to fluff up your hair a little bit, mess it up. That'll give you a casual beach look just like Blake Lively wears.

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