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Blackjack Tips

Pick up some blackjack tips from an experienced gambler in this Howcast video about gambling.


Hey guys. I just wanted to go over some Blackjack tips for you.

Basically, first up, most important, play your game. Sometimes you'll have some tables where players are grumpy, they'll be grouchy, or they want to talk about how you should play your hand and things like that. And here's a perfect example, when you have a 12 versus a 2. Everybody would presumably stay with these hands anyway. So we talk to the player with the 12. Proper basic strategy, you're supposed to hit a 12 versus a 2 or a 3, but it's one of those things where you're advantage by doing so is that tiny. It really doesn't matter if you do or don't as far as the other players are concerned. If you decide to take a hit, and now you've got 18, then the dealer ends up making a 17. Say, somebody at the table had something that was worse like a 17. Then he gets mad at this guy because he didn't take this card and the dealer would've ended up breaking and he would've gotten paid. Every now and then you get in a situation like that. Don't let that phase you. Play your game. Because at the end of the day when you win money or someone else at the table wins money, they're going to go home with theirs and you're going to go home with yours.

Another thing too, is you should make sure to take care of your dealers whenever possible because they're the ones that make it happen. They're just the messenger. If things are going bad it's not cool to just blow up at him because all he's doing is dealing cards. A lot of times, what you could do, you could put up a bet in front of your hand for the dealers. Here everybody's betting 200, so you put 5 up for the dealer. What you want to tip, that's entirely up to you. The lower limits, if you're betting ten dollars, fifteen dollars, like a dollar up front for the dealer is much appreciated. Then what's going got happen is that the hand's going to get played out and assuming everybody plays correctly, he's going to want to double on this soft 14, which makes 21. It's good for him. With this here, double, makes 20, which is good. And he decides to double. Putting up a tip for the dealer when you double down, that's entirely up you. You don't have to, but it's always appreciated for the dealer. So then, in a case like this one, the dealer ends up making 18. The dealer thanks you for the actions here but then takes the money, then here on theses hands then everybody else wins so they get paid twice dealer gets paid twice. We do these for all of these hands here. Then when all the cards get swept up, then the dealer thanks you very much as he collects his tips. Not bad.

So, basically don't let other people intimidate you with the game, because a lot of times new players won't play because a lot of times people will be mean at the Blackjack tables if you don't know how to play. They either bark orders at you or they'll just get angry. At the end of the day, how you play is how you play. It doesn't really affect anybody in any other way so just go in and be confident. If you have any other questions, the dealers are always there to help you. Some dealers will. You get the grumpy dealers that don't want to be there, you probably don't want to be at his table anyway. But if you are, a lot times they'll actually help you out with like, "What should I do with this hand," or "What should I do here? What do most people do on this one?"

Alright, and then that way you can just let them know that you're new, and then they'd be more than happy to help you out, because if you're new and you get scared off the table and you never want to play again, then that's just bad for everyone.

Those are Blackjack tips.

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