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Blackjack Myths

Learn the biggest myths about blackjack in this Howcast video.


I just wanted to go over some Blackjack myths, there are quite a few of them.

You got the typical table setup here. The player here is not going to have to worry about this hand. A lot of times people at the table will get mad as people play in a way that deviates from what is known as a basic strategy, or playing by the book. Ultimately it really doesn't effect very many people that often. Like say a 13 versus a five you are supposed to stay on it but say he decides to hit and now he takes this card which presumably is going to bust out the dealer alright. In the long run plays like this actually help everybody at the table just as often as they don't. A lot of people just like to concentrate on the hands they go like "Oh that guy just took the dealers bust card."

It's like he would have busted. In a case like this where the dealer busted anyway then all of a sudden this guys forgiven but the dealer makes a hand and all of a sudden this guy is a pariah. It's a myth where everybody just thinks the cards are kind of set a certain way and once people deviate from that then things start to go badly. On that topic also a lot of times also you will find players that believe in, you know, the cards a have a flow or a vibe, mojo, juju, or whatever you want to call it. Where you have a new player everybody else is playing big and then you got this guy here comes in it's like he's betting five dollars, it's a five dollar table, and everybody else is betting big. All of a sudden people start pulling their bets back, because now everybody is afraid of the new player and the mojo and "Oh it's going to screw up the flow of the cards."

You know, what every player there has as much right to be there as you do. A lot of times players, every now and again I do to, if you're at the table, and you sit at the table, and all of a sudden everybody's pulling back their bets, some people take that personally. You know, "What's wrong with me? Why are you pulling your bet back?"

Nobody ever has a good answer for it either, it's great. You tell them, "Look, I'm just here to play," and then after a while if things actually do work out for you then they kind of leave you along. Otherwise it's kind of everybody else will get on your case about it.

Another thing too, like a lot of times people will have advice for you. A lot of people give very bad advice. One of the bigger myths is the dealer knows everything because he deals cards, you know he's been dealing cards for umpteen years, so he knows everything about the game. A lot of people are under that impression but a lot of dealers actually don't play when they are off the clock, because some people just don't have that kind of excitement for the game.

Then the dealers kind of base their advice on what they see at their table, which is just a small cross section of what actually happens on all Blackjack tables everywhere. A lot of dealers, people put their trust in a dealer who ends up giving bad advice and then that just ends up being to the players detriment because they take that to wherever they are going. It's like, "Oh this dealer over at Bailey said this, the dealer at Caesars told me this," and things start to conflict and everything like that. Just play your game and good luck to you.

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