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How to Bet on Limit Poker

Learn how to bet on limit poker in this Howcast video about gambling.


Hey guys, I just wanted to go into how to play a Limit Hold 'Em. Basically, we've got about three players here and we have lines posted of five and ten. Everybody's gonna get their cards and here the big blind is ten so that's what he's gonna have to bet as a minimum. So say he decides to bet the ten and now the gentleman here, he's gonna want to raise. The thing with the Limit Hold 'Em, is that he can only raise a fixed amount, alright? In this case
you can only bet another ten.

So now if he wants to call, he'd have to bet another ten. And is he wanted a re-raise, he can, but he can only do in another ten dollar increment. So he decides he wants to go along for the ride, he's feeling lucky also. We make this pot, card gets burned.

Alright, so he decides he wants to bet ten. Again, he would have to, if he wanted to raise, a fixed amount, ten dollars. So he wants to call. He wants to call also.

Another card gets burned, there's the have a turn. Let's just say everybody wants to check. And then there's the river. So everybody wants to check again. So now, whoever's got the best five card hand, which in the case here, we have a pair of queens, would take the pot. And that's Limit Hold 'Em

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