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How to Bank in Pai Gow

Learn how to bank in pai gow in this Howcast video about gambling.


Hey, guys. I just wanted to go into how to bank in Pai Gow. It's one of the few casino games where you're actually allowed to play against the player as opposed to playing against the house. How that works? Basically, according to house rules, you can just ask to bank. Depending on where you are, on the East Coast casinos, the dealer takes care of all of the handling of the tiles. But on the West Coast, they give you the tiles and you can handle them, and then make them look however you want. You can't turn them up and look at them. But, otherwise, if you want them a certain way. If you want to kind of do one of these and mess around with them. There's a lot of times, this game is shrouded in a lot of superstition and people have their ways of doing things.

But then, when you bank, basically, the tiles go around the table and the dealer will place a bet whatever you bet last. Last time you weren't banking, the dealer will put this up and she'll playing against you. And then you'll be playing against all the other players, as well.

So, what happens then. You'll need to have enough money to cover whatever happens in the hand. The players will take their time setting their hands however they need to set them. In this case here, the tiles, when they get set, they normally get set this way with whatever your high hand's going to be going horizontally, your low hand going vertically. And some places will require you to just make two stacks, either way.

So, then, everybody sets their tiles however they feel that they should.

The banker will set his the way that he wants to set his. The dealer sets up her hand how she feel she needs to. In the case here, we've got a 5, a 6 and then a 9. And then a Gong, because you've got a 12 and an 8. So you have 5 Gong. That guy's got 7-8, so that's a push. And then the dealer's out because they're playing against each other now. You've got a 3 and then a 4, which means he wins his $100. They take the commission out, 5 percent, and pay him on that hand. And it moves over. 6, 6 Gong which does not beat his 7-8, so that's a push. So, in this hand, he banked and he won one bet.

And that's how you bank in Pai Gow.

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