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Cutting Tiles & Tile Deliveries in Pai Gow

Learn about cutting tiles and tile deliveries in this Howcast video about pai gow.


As we've talked in other videos in this series, you can bank in Pai Gow tiles when you're playing against other players. A lot of times in the East Coast casinos they actually don't let you touch the tiles, because they're really worried about game security. On the West Coast they're a little bit more lenient with that. But either way, you can let the dealer know exactly what you want to move. Like say, if you want to move this tile over here and you want to move this off to the side, before the tiles come up.

A lot of times people want to try to do their part to influence who's going to end up getting what. Like when these dice get rolled to determine who gets the stack. And another cool thing about it is that you have the option of different types of deliveries, because here you have what's just known as the house way. If not otherwise specified, this is how the tiles go out. They just go out to players in this kind of motion until it comes back to the dealer.

But then there a couple of other ways that you can set them. One way is called Cup Say where it goes with the two stacks here, and instead of it being vertical stacks like that, they go out to the players like this. That's a popular way of doing. Also there's another Jung Quat, which roughly translates to from the heart. Where it comes from the middle, and it's the same idea with the four stacks, you know with the four dominoes on top and it goes to the next stack, then the next like that.

Then you have Chee Yee, which roughly translates to ears. A lot of time, we'll just kind of do that at the table and we'll look right at the dealer. Then it's the same thing, but it's out to the side this way. One thing I like about different tile deliveries, it tends to slow the game down a little bit more, because a lot times it's like "Oh, I'll play for time."

So the longer I'm there then we'll have the free hookups and everything like that, so I try to maximize my time at the table. Also you have a delivery, Dragon Head Phoenix Tail. Dragon - Phoenix, you get the option you could actually have the tail come first or the head come first. You let the dealer know before she deals. It comes out like that. There are a couple other tile deliveries.

There's another, which is just a straight tower where it comes out this way. There are a few other ways to do it. A lot of casinos have different rules, as to what deliveries are allowed and which ones aren't. This is one of my favorites. This one is Shut the Door where it basically comes out this way, which makes it almost as theatrical as Pai Gow gets anyway, kind of thing. Then from there play would continue. You can only go with the tile deliveries, if you're banking. If you want a more elegant part of Pai Gow, you might want to give that a try. That's Pai Gow tile deliveries.

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