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Roulette Etiquette

Learn roulette etiquette in this Howcast video about gambling.


Hi, everybody. I wanted to go into roulette etiquette.

Basically, what happens at the table, a lot of times you'll have about eight or nine people crowding the table and everybody wants to get their bets and everything like that. It kind of resembles a New York City subway, if you've ever been, where everybody's just kind of jostling for position. Doesn't have to be like that. Everything can be all nice and orderly and everybody can get their bets in, in a timely fashion.

First up, the dealer's here to help you. A lot of times people will be at the end of the table and trying to reach in for chips and things like that when, just as simply, like Dealer, like, sir, can you just, an area over here where, like, outside of the play field just tell the dealer whatever you want. Okay. I'd like number four. So you go to number four. All right and then take care of whatever bets they might want.

Also, a lot of times, 17's a very, very popular number for a lot of roulette players and they'll do something like a round, just in case they don't quite hit 17. And, say, if you want to bet on 17 also, a lot of times what people will try to do, they'll try to do something like this where you know they're trying to like not mix everybody's money up, but the reason why you were all given different color chips is so that the dealer will be able to differentiate one player from the other. So feel free to just stack your money wherever you'd like and then other players can follow suit if they wish. And then they'll take care of exactly who got paid what later.

A lot of times people want to bet on zero and double zero. A lot of people don't know this, but there is what's known as a courtesy line. It's this line right here between the second and third twelve where, if you were to put your money right there, that's the same as betting it on zero and double zero. It's the exact same bet and it's the courtesy line. They call it such so you don't have to reach all the way across the table or bother anybody for it because it's a popular enough of a bet that it's right there. Not to be confused with here, because this is nothing. This is not a bet at all. But this is. Also, when you're at a really busy table, there will usually be a boundary to the dealer's left. Please don't cross that boundary because you'll get in a lot of trouble with casino staff, but also it makes it a little harder for the dealer to actually go and work and do his thing. But other than that, when the dealer will spin the wheel and whatever number's going to come out, the dealer's going to make a signal for no more bets. When he says no more bets, don't make any more bets, because what's going to happen, he's just going to have to pull your bets down. And, as it turns out here, number 35 went out and nobody's home. And also, don't scream at the dealer if that happens. That's roulette etiquette.

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