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How to Make Place Bets in Craps

Learn how to make place bets in this Howcast video about craps.


Hi, now I'd like to go over Place bets in craps.

Right now, we have a shooter over here who'll be represented by myself. He's got $10 on the pass line and he rolled a four on the come out roll so now the four is his point. What place bets are, you have the option, if you'd like, you can bet on any of these other numbers, the 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, to come out while you're still waiting for the 4.

Say he wants to put some money on all these other numbers here. I'll put these bets up. These are dollars. I put these up there and I'll explain that in a second.

They all get paid in fixed odds and it's all dependent on the difficulty of them to roll. The numbers toward the center, they come out more frequently that the ones towards the end. We have the 6 and the 8. The odds on the bet is 7:6. So, for every six dollars you bet, which is why we have the ones here. These bets have to be made in six-dollar increments. Then the number comes out, it gets paid $7 and we go back to a player. If the 5 or the 9 comes up, before a 7 comes out, then it gets paid 7:5. Seven dollars would go to the player. And 4 and the 10, they have the same odds. If you were to do a place bet on the 10, and the 10 comes out, then you get paid 9:5. So, for every $5, you get $9, it goes to the player. Typically, if you're on the pass line, you already represent whatever the point is in question, so it's not necessary to do a place bet on your own number if you're already on the pass line because it does pretty much the same thing. That is "Place Bets in Craps."

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