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How to Make a Come Bet or Don't Come Bet in Craps

Learn how to make a come bet or a don't come bet in this Howcast video about playing craps.


I just wanted to go over the Come and Don't Come bets in Craps. First, the come bet. Basically, what's happening here, we have a Pass Line bet. We'll say we're out on a point of five. The shooter is about ready to shoot the dice across the table. The Come bet is basically a game within a game. It's the exact same rules and concepts of Pass Line, where you put $10.00 on the Come bet. Right? Now the same rules applied from an earlier video where we did a Pass Line, where if you roll a 7 or 11 the Come bet is going to win. Right? 2,3, or 12 is going to lose for the Come bet just like the Pass Line. And whatever the next point is [dice roll], seven.

What happens here, is that the Pass Line would lose, but the Come bet would win because that was the next roll. Let's just say, since I can't get the dice to do what I want it to do right this second, that we're out at a five and the point is nine. It's like the next number is nine. Now, you have money in on the Come. Aside from having money on the five, then you also have money on the nine and the same thing you were doing with the Pass Line, you can do here, where the player has the option. They throw to the dealer whatever odds they want to do on this nine. You can still do the Free Odds thing. Dealer will put the chips on top of the original Come bet. Something like that.

Say when another nine comes up, then the nine would get paid the true odds, which is three to two because there's four ways that the nine could come up and six ways that the seven could come up and then even money for this. This all goes to the player. Then they're free to do it again. Keep in mind that it's the nine coming up there, still out on the five, so you're free to make another Come bet if you'd like.

Now, Don't Come is the exact opposite. It's like you have a Don't Pass bet. You can now make a Don't Come bet where you're rooting for whatever number you come up to not come up again. In this case, it's a ten. This goes behind here and it's the player's area for the Don't Come. If you want, you could take odds. The odds actually work in reverse because there's six ways you can win with the seven and there's three ways you can lose with the ten.

Say if you wanted to take odds here, this is called laying odds, you take 20 behind here. Now if a seven comes up, then this 20 gets paid its true odds, which is one to two, because it's a favorite and then this pays even money and this goes back to the player. In the case of if the ten does come up, then we take all of this away and then you'd still be on the Don't Pass on the five. Those are the Come and Don't Come bets in Craps.

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