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What You Need to Deep-Fry Foods at Home

Learn what you need to deep-fry foods at home with this Howcast video.


Great, so you can use a vast amount of different implements to fry at home. I mean we obviously have the mother of all fryers here, which commercially we use. This, you can pan fry an egg and nothing else. These two are perfect for pan frying. You don't want to deep fry in them. There's no sides to them. It's very easy for the oil to spill out. One very important thing is to use a good quality pot. If you use a $5, dollar store pot the heat is going to be very, very uneven and you're going to get very, very uneven results.

This is a stainless steel pot. That's a Calphalon pot. This is a thick commercial cookware pot. These are all good to do deep frying in. Just remember, never put oil more than halfway full. A third is probably as far as you want to go. The Chinese fry in woks all the time. I much prefer a pot like this, just because it's bigger. It's safer. You can drop stuff in and there's a lot less chance having a problem in a big pot like this, and you use more oil.

And what you can do, because oil is expensive nowadays is when it's cooled down, keep the oil container you had, pour the oil back into the container and use it next time. You don't need to throw it away. So if you're really lucky, like we are, you can use something like a rondeau, which is very, very thick bottomed. I mean basically with the pots you need a thick bottom, because that gives very, very even heat distribution, and that's what you need.

I mean safety is number one priority with frying at home, and the better the pot that you use, the less problems you're going to have. You really want to wear long sleeves, because if you get splashed, you want to wear shoes, not sandals, because if it splashes and burns your feet, it's incredibly painful. I know because I've done it. You want to wear long pants. I mean really, you want to think like you're arc welding, because it's the same sort of heat. At the end of the day, you want to eat good fried food. You don't want to be at the hospital getting patched up with third degree burns.

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