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How to Deep-Fry Food Safely

Learn how to deep-fry food at home safely with this Howcast video.


Great, so we all love frying, but we've got to know a few things about the dangers of frying, though. When you have oil in the pot, solid displaces oil. I've got a pan of water here and I'm just going to show you that if you were going to deep fry your turkey and you've got a pot full of oil and you're ready to go, and you drop your turkey in, this is what's going to happen.

And you're going to have a big fire, and your house is going to burn down, so you've got to remember that the amount of solid that is going into the liquid, the liquid isn't going to go more than at most, three quarters of the way up the pot. When I cook with oil, I fill a pot to about halfway, if I am doing fish or chips or a fried candy bar, say. You can use different pots to fry with.

I've got a wok going right there which has less oil in it again. The whole idea is to keep the oil in the pot. Not on the stove. Not in direct contact with the flame. Really when you cook at home, when you fry at home, please consider the laws of displacement or oil displacement. Frying's great and you do not want to burn your house down. It's always good to have a thermometer handy.

You do not want the oil to go above sort of 375 as maximum for your house. If you follow these guidelines you'll have a good, safe frying experience. Whatever you do, don't do what they do in England, which is to come back from the pub. Put the chip pan on, sit down in a chair and go to sleep, because they usually burn their houses down and that's the last thing we need.

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