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How to Make Beer Batter

Learn how to make beer batter for deep-fried food in this Howcast video.


All right, so we're going to make a beer batter now. We don't have beer batter in England or maybe we do, but I don't remember it. You know, I'm using a Samuel Smith's India Pale Ale. This is a lot better drunk than stuck in a batter, to be honest.

I'm making a double recipe, so it's 1 cup of flour, so this is 2 cups, 1 tablespoon of malt vinegar or red wine. You don't have to go crazy with exactly the same stuff. Cooking's about fun. It's about experimentation. It's about different things work at different times and it shouldn't be taken seriously. Two teaspoons of baking powder, bit of salt, and then of course, the sacrilege, the beer.

I can't imagine that the guy who spent his life making this stuff would actually think it's going to end up in a batter. He's crying now. It's the same process as the regular batter. What a waste of good beer. But if you guys like beer batter, you're going to be laughing at me, saying I've got no idea what I'm talking about. But I am a British traditionalist chef and I know that they make some very, very good fish and chips up in Boston and they always use beer batter, so what do I know?

Then check the consistency again. You can see immediately that this is too thick, so you want to add a little bit of water, just to get it right. And again, refrigerate it. Batter is better chilled.
When it hits the oil, when its cold, it crisps up. And a little known fact you may not know is when you fry fish 'n chips the oil is not cooking the fish. It's the water that is escaping from the batter, which is steaming the fish. So it hits the hot oil, the batter crisps up immediately.

As the water evaporates as it does in hot oil, it forces the steam into the fish, so you're actually eating steamed fish, with a crispy batter on the outside. All right, so it smells like beer. It tastes like beer. It's the perfect consistency. I'm sure millions of viewers around the world are going to say, this is the only batter, but this is your basic beer batter.

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