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How to Make Breading for Deep-Fried Food

Learn how to make breading for deep-fried food in this Howcast video.


I know that as a Brit, I probably have no right teaching you guys how to make fried chicken. I mean everybody in the South's grandmother makes the best fried chicken and it's all different recipes. A lot of people use MSG, that goes in the garbage. I don't think we need it. I start with flour and again, you can do whatever you want. I mean it really doesn't matter what goes in as long as you like it. Your grandmother's recipe is probably the best, and you're going to use it the rest of your life, and that's absolutely fantastic. I like to use a whole bunch of different things.

This is granulated garlic, so I'm going to put a bit of that in and again, it's not exact measurements. I mean it doesn't need to be precise, because it's just the flour on the outside of the chicken, it's the chicken that matters. I'm going to put some black pepper in, not too much. I've got some chili powder here and I'm just going to put a tad in there. I have some Scotch
Bonnet pepper. You know for a Brit who likes bland food, I kind of like spicy food. I think chicken needs to have a bit of kick to it, to make it nice.

I like sage. If you put too much in it, it tastes medicinal but like a teaspoon is good, and of course, some celery salt. You know, celery salt gives it a great flavor and gives it the salt, as well. So I put a couple of teaspoons of that in. Again, you don't want to taste this, but you have to. When you're cooking, you've got to feel the food. You've got to taste it, you've got to feel it, and if there is not enough salt in it, you got to add salt. That is in fact, why haven't put salt in yet, because I don't know how much it's going to take.

If you swear by MSG, I do apologize. It's a natural product. It's just I don't think it makes any difference than salt, to be quite honest, and again, there's probably people screaming at the computer screen saying how wrong I am, and I accept that. This isn't something that I grew up with, but this is something I grew to love. That tastes like a good chicken coating now. You don't want it too salty, you don't want it too bland, you just want it perfect. It's got a little bit a kick to it.

The chicken is going to be marinated in buttermilk, rosemary, and garlic, so it has some more flavor on its own. The coating is the crispiness it's not to overpower. If you put too much of any one flavor in, it will kill the flavor of the chicken, that's the last thing that you need. Now just to be really controversial, my last secret ingredient is baking powder. It gives the chicken a little bit of lift again. It makes the batter just a little bit puffier so it's crispy, but it's got density and crispiness to it, but it's got a little bit of air in there as well. It's not too heavy.

I actually learned this recipe from a very, very, very talented American chef, Colleen McGuirk, and I'm indebted to her for this. You can please yourself. If you like oregano, use oregano, if you like thyme, use thyme. It doesn't really matter, because it is an important part of the dish, but is not the most important part of the dish. That is the same flour as we're going to use for the chicken fried steak and the fried chicken.

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