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How to Make Buttermilk Batter for Deep-Fried Food

Learn how to make buttermilk batter for deep-fried food in this Howcast video.


In theory, chicken fried steak is the same as chicken fried chicken. The difference is this is being marinated in the batter first. With the steak, we don't marinate it. We have to make the batter so it goes through the batter, then into the flour, then to either the deep fat fryer or the frying pan. I also put eggs in this. I put a couple of eggs and I use buttermilk.

Hey look a double yoke, you don't see many of those. Because I'm not marinating it, I'm going to use salt to give the mix some flavor. I'm also going to season the meat before it goes in, as well. We are using a cheap cut of meat and it's going to taste good, because cheap cuts of meat taste better than the expensive cuts of meat. Because the animal uses the muscle more and so there's more flavor, which is why shin of beef has a lot more flavor than filet mignon.

Again I'm a Brit, I like bland food but I've got to say, got to use a bit of Tabasco in this. It's going to give it a little bit heat, not overpoweringly so, and you can always add later. You can make it and then put hot sauce on top of the chicken fried steak. When you cook with the Tabasco actually on the meat, it gives a different complexity to the meal. It gives it different levels.

Again taste the batter, and you know what? I have put a little bit too much salt in there, so just add a little bit more buttermilk, and it will be perfect. That's why it's so important to taste, as you go along. That's perfect. That is the batter we are going to dredge the steak in before we
fry it like a chicken.

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