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How to Fry Deep-Fried Bacon

Learn how to deep-fry bacon in this Howcast video, part two of a two-part series.


This is the thick slab bacon. I cooked it slowly, and I cooked it crispy, because if you're going to fry, you don't want soggy bacon. I made the batter thinner, so it's a quicker fry. And I kind of want crispy fried, fried bacon. I mean I want it all and we'll see how this turns out. We're going to give it our best.

This is a first for The Chip Shop again, and it's looking pretty good. I think I'm going to enjoy this, because I truly believe that bacon is the food from the gods. Anything you make, if you put bacon in, it's going to be better. What you've got is a very thin batter and the crispy bacon underneath. It will be cooked in three minutes, tops. That's it.

That is the quickest fry of the day. The thinner the batter, the quicker it fries. So thick cut bacon, cooked slowly on the stove, so that a little fat goes away. A very thin batter, flash fried in hot oil. This is fantastic. Oh my, god. If it wasn't so bad for me, I would eat this every day for breakfast.
And there you have your deep fried bacon.

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