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How to Make Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese

Learn how to deep-fry mac and cheese in this Howcast video.


Deep fried macaroni and cheese. We started this about 11 and a half years ago. We use nothing but extra strong Cabot cheddar in here. We've put a lot of cheese in there, because macaroni and cheese is basically cheesy. We're going to take baseball size piece of macaroni, and mold it into kind of a burger shape, and put it into the flour. One thing that you've got to remember, of course, is the macaroni has got to be cold. If it's hot, it's going to be runny and you can't mold it, and it's the same process.

We roll it in flour, so the batter will stick to it. Drop it in the batter. You've got to be a little bit careful with the macaroni, because it probably weighs maybe eight ounces. If you're not careful you'll burn yourself. If you drop it in it will stick to the bottom of the fryer before the batter sets, so you've got to like hold it there for a second. Get your nerves of steel on, if you're doing this at home. Because the macaroni is so dense, the outside will burn before the inside is hot.

So what we need to do is when it's nearly cooked, we take it out of the fryer. We put it into the microwave for a minute. Put it back into the fryer to crisp it up and you have the perfect fried macaroni and cheese. Two little balls of loveliness there. This is one of my favorites. It's so wrong, it's right. Because it's so heavy it sinks, as well. You don't need to sink it, it's good to go on it's own. Again, it's 450 degree oil.

These babies are about done, but the inside is still cold, it's so big and so dense. Such a generous portion we give here at The Chip Shop. We have to microwave it just to get it hot, otherwise the customer will send it back. So we throw these into the microwave for about a minute, a minute and a half. You'll see the cheese oozing out.

Take these out and you can feel that the batter is a little bit soft now. We just need to finish them off back through the fryer again. You can actually see it, it's not crispy anymore. You can see the cheese is coming out, it's beautifully hot inside. Very, very carefully drop them back in there. That will about do. We'll drain and that is the fried macaroni and cheese. You've got the fried macaroni, but you know what? It's like cracking open an Easter egg. Crack it open, look at that. It's like, that is divine. That is the best macaroni and cheese you've ever had with a nice, crispy, salty outside.

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