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How to Deep-Fry a Cadbury Egg

Learn how to deep-fry a Cadbury egg in this Howcast video.


Two Cadbury's cream eggs, not Hershey's. Cadbury's from England, imported, they are so much nicer. I am a little bit biased of course, but there you go. You've got to put them in the batter first. Then in the flour. Then in the batter again, because otherwise the batter won't stick to them and you'll have a disaster on your hands. These are a once a year delicacy, and you've got to eat it with a spoon, because if you bite into them, you may well get a blister on your chin.

So give it a base for the flour and these have to be winged into the fryer. This is a whole different ball game. This is where, you cameramen should stand back a bit probably. All right, because they're small, because if your finger touches them too hard, the batter is going to come off and it's not going to work.

So it is one of these. It's funny how every chocolate bar, basically is fried a slightly different way, because of the way the chocolate bar is. And you can't fry things like plain chocolate bars. They've gotta have some density to them. In fact, that one sometimes that happens and what you do is you just dip it back in the batter again and you drop it in again. What you don't want is the chocolate melting into the fryer.

These take a couple minutes. I was trying to think of any redeeming health features of a deep fried Cadbury's cream egg and I came up a blank. I eat one a year. There we go, absolutely perfect. You can see the orange, you can see the yellow. It is an experience. It is a real experience. I'm sorry guys, I don't think you're going have this one to eat. I think this one is mine.

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