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How to Deep-Fry a Twix Bar

Learn how to deep-fry a Twix bar in this Howcast video.


Good evening. We've got these Twixers here. Again, they're English Twixers, so they're chocolate. In my opinion, it's better. I always have that biased opinion though, being from where I am from. You've got to put the batter on again. It's the same method for all of the fried chocolate, or else it just won't stick, and if it don't stick you'll make a mess of your oil.

You can actually see the flour going into the batter there. That's why, as you cook you need to add more water to the batter if you're doing a lot of them, because the batter gets too thick. Let's see how'd we do? How'd we do with these? Always away from you. You have the scoop. This stuff is dirtying the oil. It's cooking. I'm not going to sell it. There's no reason for it to be in there.

I just take it out, because it keeps the oil a little bit longer, and you want to work in a nice environment. I mean look at that, its like a baby's bath isn't it? Nice and clean and just the Twixers floating in there. It's a sight to behold. I'm not very OCD about many things, but I like a clean fryer and I love clean oil. We change the oil twice a week, completely.

And as we get through quite a lot of oil on a daily basis, we're always topping off with fresh anyway. Funny thing is that we used to have to pay $150 a month to get rid of our oil, and now we get paid $120 a month to pick it up. In 12 years, it's great. They're about done now. We'll take them out. We'll just drop them on the edge of the fryer there.

I keep saying that everything's my favorite fried desert and I don't eat fried deserts very often, just because you shouldn't. You should only eat it every now and again. I'm going to use powdered sugar again, because we want to make it look as nice as we can. That is the fried Twix, and the fried Twix on the inside. You break one open, it's like a little slice of heaven. Chocolate's melted, but the biscuit's still solid. It really is special.

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