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How to Wrap Cookie Dough in Puff Pastry

Learn how to wrap cookie dough in puff pastry in preparation of deep-frying it in this Howcast video, part one of a two-part series.


There is a story behind this dish. We have on our website, there's a button Hey Chris, fry this. I get the same things pretty much all the time. And one day a lady called Kathleen, and I don't remember where she was from. It was probably about two years ago e-mailed me and said, "Take puff pastry. Stuff it with cookie dough. You won't regret it."

I was really busy at the time and this is the first time that I've done it, so this is for you, Kathleen. If you're out there, I want to thank you for this and give you the credit for this, because this is your creation. We're using Dufour puff pastry, which is Gold Medal 100% butter puff pastry. You can use scrap puff pastry for this is you want, you can buy Pillsbury dough puff pastry.

If you want to fry it plain, without battering it you can, if you want to batter it you can, it's one of those dishes that's just, it's actually a little obscene. Pastry and cookie dough, but it is bloody lovely. I'm just going to egg wash around the outside, so it sticks and I'm going to bring it around into a little parcel, making sure that the cookie dough can't escape.

Wrap it around and wrap it around. In itself, this cookie dough is great. I mean the quality of the product is far superior. The company as I say, have won gold medals for their pastry, it's great and what a way to use it. I'm going to just finish these off now and I'm going to fry them, and I'm not going to batter them this time, I'm just going to fry them as they are. Somebody's in for a treat.

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