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How to Deep-Fry Cookie Dough

Learn how to deep-fry cookie dough in this Howcast video, part two of a two-part series.


Again, Kathleen this is for you darling. It's your idea. I wish I knew where you were. I'm going to e-mail you, if I can find your e-mail and let you know that your idea is being used at The Chip Shop for this fantastic series on deep fat frying, and it was a bloody good idea. One of the very few ideas that was original. As they say in all of the famous commercials, here is what I made earlier.

Well, I'll tell you what. It doesn't really get a lot better than that. You've got all butter puff pastry. You've got melted cookie dough that's partially cooked. Actually, excuse me a sec. You've got, oh my, god. You've got a crispness. You've got the sweetness. You've got a slight chewiness. This Kathleen, I pay homage to you Kathleen, whoever you are, I hope you get this. Your idea darling, thank you.

So these take about 5 or 6 minutes to cook. I might actually stick these on the menu. I'm actually going to sink these now, because as you can see they're floating, and the tops aren't being cooked. Then they'll evenly cook. These are done.

The puff pastries puffed up, it's cooked through. You know that the cookie dough is going to be nice and runny inside. I am going to use a pair of tongs to remove these, because I don't think I'm brave enough to do it with my fingers. You know what?

I'm going to be selfish guys. I'm only going to put six on the plate. The seventh is going to be for me. As the same as always, a bit of powdered sugar. You know what? You could probably have this as a side in a top class restaurant in New York. Fried cookie dough and puff pastry. I mean this is like -- I think this may go on the menu, it's that good.

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