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How to Marinate Deep-Fried Chicken

Learn how to marinate chicken in buttermilk before deep-frying it in this Howcast video, part one of a three-part series.


All right, for the fried chicken, start with a chicken. You cut the wingtips off. If you cut right in the middle of the joint, it cuts straight through. Cut the legs off. If you just slice down there, you can actually peel the leg back and there's the best bit of meat in the chicken, which is the
oyster, you can take that out. Take the leg off and the same with the other side. Then what you want to do is you want to take the back out. And again, there's probably a whole bunch of Southern grandmother's saying, "That's not how you do it!." And I apologize to you profusely, but as I say I'm an English chef. You want to keep some bone in there, but not too much bone.

So what I'll do, I'll just take the ribs out. The ribs are on that side and I split the chicken breast in two. I always figure you need to get eight pieces of fried chicken out of a chicken. So what I'll do is I'll just cut the breast in half, leaving the skin on, of course, because that's the best bit. Then when you want to cut the legs, the trick of that is, again there's the joint in there. If you put the legs together and follow that line, you will cut right away through the joint and you won't have to chop it all and get violent with it. Again, that is just that line there straight through.

So that's your chicken. Again, I keep repeating this. Everybody has their grandmother's favorite recipe. I like buttermilk fried chicken. I like to marinate it for a couple of days. I use garlic and I use rosemary. I don't get too crazy about chopping the garlic finely, just beat it up and put it
in there whole. It's fine, because it's not going to be with the chicken anyway when it's fried. Try not to make a mess, as I have doing here. That's good. Rosemary, I just put a good handful in there, and then the piece de resistance is the buttermilk.

People use different things. I think buttermilk gives it a richness, and you don't want to put your salt in at this time. If you put salt in here, it will take all of the juices out of the chicken. It like, draws the living life out of food, if you season it too soon. So just mix that around, put it in a plastic bucket for a couple of days. Maybe once or twice just turn it around again. A couple of days later, you've got the perfect chicken for fried chicken.

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