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How to Fry Deep-Fried Chicken

Learn how to deep-fry chicken in this Howcast video, part two of a three-part series.


So this is me trying to be a Southern boy. I know I don't sound like it. Marinated two days, garlic and rosemary and buttermilk. It goes into the seasoned flour that I made earlier, and I really try and pack it in now. I don't -- I want the flour to be there. I don't want like a half-baked job., and I'm going to make a big pile of chicken, because it's my favorite.

Again, I apologize to you Southern grandmothers, because I know your chicken is probably better than mine, but I do my best. Again, this is a MSG-free recipe. We're cooking this at a lesser temperature, because chicken cooks at 350, where everything else we do it 450. When it gets to be as nearly as brown as you want it, we''ll then transfer it onto a tray.

Put it through the oven, just to finish it off, because you don't want the outside too brown and the inside raw, because raw chicken is obviously not a good thing. All right, so we're using a smaller fryer this time, because it's a lower temperature. Really force that flour in and drop it in there. The secret is having a good crust on the outside.

You know that when you eat fried chicken that's the favorite bit, right? It's the skin and the crust. It's just -- it's amazing. My biggest regret is that Britain didn't invent the fried chicken. We could claim it for ourselves then, but unfortunately, or fortunately for you guys. And we generally serve half at once. We don't serve it here.

When I serve it I generally serve half a chicken a person, a leg, a thigh and two pieces of breast. I serve it with mash potatoes and green beans and some gravy. It's my idea of heaven and that's the chicken frying. You see that nice crust on the outside. Okay, this isn't quite cooked yet. It's nice and brown on the outside. I'm going to put it in the oven at about 325-350, for about 15-20 minutes, just to cook it through. Then it will be perfect.

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