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How to Bake Deep-Fried Chicken

Learn how to bake your deep-fried chicken -- the final step in cooking it -- in this Howcast video, part three of a three-part series.


The chickens been in the oven now for about 20 minutes. We put it in the oven just to make sure it's cooked. We're going to take it over to the other table. We've got a thermometer over there. That's the easiest way to see if it's cooked or not. There are two ways you can tell if fried chicken is done.

You can either break it open and have a look or you can use the thermometer.
I prefer the thermometer, because that way I can be 100% sure, and you want it to read 160 degrees or more. If it's up there, you're good. Pick the biggest piece. Stick it in the thickest part and it's right up there at 160 now, so we're good. This food is good to go and we're going to plate it.

A big old plate of fried chicken the British way. There used to be a place in Kansas I used to go to. Armour, KS, one was called Chicken Mary's and one was called Chicken Annie's and they were two competing sisters. The chicken was equally as good at both places, but my wife's grandmother always preferred Chicken Mary's for whatever reason. That my friends is a big old plate of friend chicken.

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