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How to Bread Deep-Fried Ice Cream

Learn how to bread ice cream before deep-frying it in this Howcast video, part two of a three-part series.


So here's some ice cream we put in the freezer. We made it yesterday overnight and it's nice and hard again. It's a real process. If you're going to make ice cream, make a lot of it, because you might as well keep it and it freezes, obviously it freezes. It's a straightforward what they call pain a la francias, which is just a flowering of bread crumbs.

You don't have to be particularly careful about it. You just need to compress it in a little bit. You're going to be bread crumbing these things three times. Because we let people come in and fry anything they want here, as long as it doesn't kill the oil, irritate the health department, or hurt our chefs.

Ice cream is one of the few things we say no to, because it destroys the oil if it's not done right, and without three days prep you can't do it right. You've obviously got to work really fast with it or else it'll melt and that defeats the object. And you can have fun with it as well. You could do rum raisin ice cream, do shots of rum with it or vanilla ice cream and pour really good balsamic vinegar over it.

I don't like making it just because it's a pain for me to make it in the store, but I understand the appeal of it. I would actually, probably if somebody else were to make it for me, I'd probably eat it quite regularly. So you've got to work really fast with this stuff and you put it back in the container, back into the freezer again for another 24 hours.

So the process is, you make the balls of ice cream and you freeze it overnight. You flour, egg, and breadcrumb them the next day, and you freeze it overnight. You flour, egg and breadcrumb it the next day, and you freeze it overnight again. Then you give it the last flour, egg and breadcrumb, and it takes a bath.

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