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How to Deep-Fry Ice Cream

Learn how to deep-fry ice cream in this Howcast video, part three of a three-part series.


So ladies and gentlemen, this is the thing I hate doing the most, fried ice
cream. It's just a pain to do. You've seen the process. You're going to
freeze it. You're going to panic. It's just a pain. But, today we're doing
twice-fried cherry pie and ice cream fried.

This is the ice cream, it's going in. In fact, I'm going to put a piece in for
myself as well, and I'm going to a piece in for the cameraman, and we're
going to see what happens. I know the Japanese restaurants do it all the
time and I actually say good luck to them.

I'm actually a classically French trained chef. I used to make this dish
called Baked Alaska, which was ice cream covered in meringue. There's this
whole production, then you set fire to the top of it and bake it and it was
about as close to deep fried ice cream, as I ever made.

I'm really not quite sure what to expect. It's new territory. It's one of
the very few things that people can bring in and we won't fry for them, just
because the process is too long. If you look in the oil you don't see any oil slicks, you don't see any contamination, which means that the ice cream is staying inside of the
bread crumbs.

It actually looks like it's probably quite well done. Yes, it's amazing how hot deep fried ice cream is. Take the pie out. I'm going to actually take the piece of batter on there
I'm going to remove. I'm risking it. That my friends -- cherry pie and deep fried ice cream.

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