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Coupon Rules & Policies

Learn about coupon rules and policies in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


So here's some information about the different rules and policies attached to coupons. We have to kind of look at grocery coupons and online coupons differently here. Grocery coupons definitely have rules actually printed on the coupon, right? And there's things like expiration dates. There's things like size limitations, additional rules and regulations about can you use multiple coupons. Is it a buy one get one? Can you stack this coupon?

What's important here is you kind of need to know those rules before you get to the checkout because once you're at the checkout, you're there. You're not going to turn back and say, "Oh, I accidentally bought five rolls of toilet paper and I can only apply this coupon once." So making sure you really understand the coupon and you understand how it's going to be applied is pretty important.

Now when we think about online coupons, you have more flexibility there. They have the same kinds of rules, anything from a minimum purchase attached to free shipping to a specific category, a percentage off of a specific category. What's important, though, is that you can apply an online coupon multiple times and see if it works. So you have a little bit more flexibility to go back, readjust your cart or whatever it might be, and apply that coupon code again. So that's a little bit of information about rules and policies attached to coupons.

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