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How to Organize Coupons

Learn how to organize coupons in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to talk to you today about some different ideas on how to organize your coupons. Really, the first thing you have to think about, here, is how you want to go about couponing. It's kind of a chicken or egg strategy. Do you want to start with your grocery list, right? You write down your grocery list, and then apply coupons afterwards? Or, do you want to start with the coupons, and make your grocery list from there?

If you're like me, where you might start with a grocery list, and say, "Here are the things I need to buy for my family this week." I have found a really good way to organize your coupons is by aisle. So, I'll literally make my list, and I learned from my mom, go down through the store and make it aisle by aisle. And then, open up my coupon binder, and see what coupons I can apply to those things I want to buy.

Another option, though, and this is maybe that more extreme couponing type of philosophy, is to go by your coupons. And that might be by expiration date, right, so you need to pay attention, and organize your coupons by expiration date, right? because when they're going to expire, you want to make sure you're using them before that. So, you might actually organize your coupons in a binder, by date, go through that, and see if there's any ones that you want to make sure that you use before that date arrives.

Ultimately, it just comes down to how you want to shop. From my perspective, I like to make sure that I'm buying the things I need every week, and if I can save more, I do. But there is that alternate philosophy, which is a fantastic one, that says, "Let's figure out the way to save the most, bulk up, get the things I need, and make sure I'm using all of the coupons I can, when and where I can use them." So, there's a couple different tips on how to best organize your coupons.

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