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How to Stack Coupons

Learn how to stack coupons in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some quick tips on how to stack coupons. The thing here is that it's all about understanding the rules and policies, the rules and policies attached to the individual coupon and those at the store as well.

The coupon generally is if you read the fine print, you're going to start to learn how you can use this coupon. Can you stack it? Some of them will say, "Not stackable." Some of them will say, "Do not double, do not triple." They'll say it's only a one per purchase so you can only buy one thing of that purchase.

Once you understand the rules of that coupon, then it's important to understand the rules at the store. Many of them will allow stacking. For the most part, they will allow you to stack a coupon that's labeled a manufacturer coupon with a coupon that is labeled a store coupon. So you might be able to get a dollar off toilet paper from a store coupon that just says, "Dollar off this type of toilet paper," and also cut out a manufacturer coupon for that same toilet paper. And as long as those don't say, "Don't stack," you can apply it. You can start getting two, three dollars off of the single product.

Now what's interesting when we think about that kind of extreme couponing practice that's out there is what it comes down to is they're able to get multiple coupons through a lot of hunting and digging and a lot of organization, and apply those coupons to the same purchase. Right? They have a store coupon, a manufacturer coupon for the same toilet paper, and they might have five copies of those, and they bulk up. They buy five giant rolls of toilet paper, and ultimately are able to get those five giant rolls of toilet paper that might have cost twenty dollars for four dollars.

I would say that just for the average Joe, what it comes down to is just understanding what you can stack, looking at those rules and policies, and trying your best to do it when it's possible. The trick is just making sure you see that label, manufacturer coupon or store coupon on the top, and understanding those store policies.

So here are some tips and tricks for us average Joes on how to stack coupons.

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