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How to Stack Rebates with Coupons

Learn how to stack rebates with coupons in this Howcast video about how to save money using coupons.


I'm going to share some information on how to stack coupons with rebates. So when we think about this, there's a couple of different ways that this can occur. Certainly at the grocery store, we're used to seeing these rebates of "Buy any five products of this brand and you'll get a rebate applied at the checkout." Or we'll even see things in our Sunday paper that says "Buy five General Mills items." Or whatever it might be, and, "send in your receipts, and we'll ultimately send you a rebate back." That can be hard work. It's not easy. But the savings there can be deep, so understanding those and making sure that you're using those in your shopping at the grocery store can ultimately result in pretty good savings.

Now, when we think about the other side, when we're shopping for electronics or whatever it might be, those rebates are even deeper. And it's ultimately about understanding the rules, making sure that you get that rebate sent in. That you're patient, because it can take a while to turn around. And that you really understand exactly what you're supposed to do.

When you send in rebates, you often have to send in a receipt, almost pretty much all the time. And it needs to be the original copy, the original receipt. They're not going to take any kind of photocopied receipts. So when you make that purchase, make sure that you get a receipt. Potentially that you make a purchase of just that item, so you can ultimately send in that receipt individually. And that you create a photocopy for yourself to reference later.

The big thing here is to just take advantage of these, to remember the rules from the get-go, and to make sure that you've filled everything in properly and you understand the rules upfront.

So there's some tips on how to use rebates and coupons.

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